Colour of the Year
SIC, Helsinki
wood, cotton, mounted canvas photos, printed photos on textile pillow cases, video

A cushion has that cover. Supposing you do not like to change, supposing it is very clean that there is no change in appearance, supposing that there is regularity and a costume is that any the worse than an oyster and an exhange. Come to season that is there any extreme use in feather and cotton. Is there not much more joy in table and more chairs and very likely roundness and a place to put them.*

[The exhibition] includes i.a. selection of surface materials and textiles, furniture and lighting.

The title of the exhibition refers to the annual trend colour published by Pantone Institute. 2017's Greenery was described by metaphors of e.g. nature and growth.

*Gertrude Stein 1914/2011: Tender Buttons. Objects, Food, Rooms. Mansfield Centre: Martino Publishing.

Photos: Tuomas Linna /SIC